LS Cable & System, a cable manufacturer in South Korea, is showcasing its undersea cable production facilities at its Donghae plant. The company aims to increase its yearly sales from undersea cables to $740 million over the next five years due to the growing demand for energy and power grids worldwide. The plant is the biggest undersea cable production base in Asia, with a gangway connecting four buildings where the cables are produced and transported to Donghae Port. LS Marine Solutions, a subsidiary of LS Cable, ships and installs the cables in various destinations. LS Cable has become the third-largest undersea cable manufacturer globally, thanks to its proprietary technology and ability to produce high-performance cables for renewable energy power grids. The company’s factory has cable drums that can wind and transport cables weighing from 500 tons to 10,000 tons, determining the maximum cable length that can be manufactured. LS Cable has a significant order backlog, and it is expanding its operations in Asia, Europe, and North America. The company is also considering establishing a local factory in Vietnam and an undersea cable production plant in the US.

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