India successfully carried out a test launch from its Sriharikota satellite launching station. The test had faced a glitch due to a monitoring anomaly, but it was rectified and the launch was successful. This test will pave the way for future unmanned missions, including sending a robot into space next year. India has been making significant progress in space exploration, recently launching its first space mission to study the sun and successfully landing in the south pole region of the moon. This achievement makes India only the fourth country, along with the United States, Soviet Union, and China, to accomplish this feat. The successful missions highlight India’s growing reputation as a technology and space powerhouse and align with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of projecting India as a rising global power. In line with its future space ambitions, India plans to establish its own space station by 2035 and send an Indian astronaut to the moon by 2040. India has been actively involved in space activities since the 1960s, launching satellites for itself and other countries. It is also planning its first mission to the International Space Station in collaboration with the United States next year.

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