Afghanistan’s cricket coach, Jonathan Trott, is excited for the upcoming match against Pakistan. Both teams are in need of a win at the World Cup, as Pakistan has lost their last two games and Afghanistan has suffered three defeats. In the past, matches between these teams have been passionate and sometimes heated. There have been riots between fans and even incidents between players. However, Trott believes that both teams respect each other and are desperate for a victory. Pakistan reportedly wanted to change the venue for the match in order to counter Afghanistan’s spin attack, but Trott thinks Pakistan has good spinners of their own. He emphasizes that winning a game is a collective effort and not just the responsibility of the spinners. Although Afghanistan has lost all seven ODIs against Pakistan, they have been successful in their recent Twenty20 meetings. Trott’s team will focus on putting pressure on the opposition and not dwell on past matches. They are looking forward to the match and hope to come out victorious.

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