Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has returned from a five-day trip to China where he signed over 20 agreements with Beijing. The agreements cover various areas, including currency swapping and the construction of a research station on the moon’s south pole. President Xi Jinping emphasized the need for security guarantees for Chinese personnel working in Pakistan. The agreements also include cooperation on the Khunjerab border crossing, coordination on the Afghan issue, peace talks between Palestine and Israel, and partnership in infrastructure, mining, industry, and health. PM Kakar also visited Xinjiang province and offered Friday prayers there, becoming one of the few Muslim leaders to visit the region home to Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. Both sides reaffirmed support for each other’s core interests and Pakistan reiterated its support for the “one-China Principle.” The Chinese National Space Administration announced cooperation on the moon programme, and both sides emphasized the development of Gwadar Port and its auxiliary projects. Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, they agreed to keep the Khunjerab border open throughout the year. Both sides expressed satisfaction with financial and banking cooperation and the progress of various projects. China urged Pakistan to guarantee the safety of Chinese institutions and personnel working in the country.

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