Former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif has returned to Pakistan after spending four years in self-imposed exile for medical treatment. His party, the PML-N, is rallying its base and urging supporters to gather in Lahore to greet Sharif and show the popularity of the party. Sharif is likely to face legal challenges before embarking on his election campaign for the upcoming elections in January. He first landed in Islamabad to make bail, which was granted by the Islamabad High Court on October 19. Sharif expressed his disappointment with the current situation in Pakistan, stating that the country is going backward economically and unity-wise. He threw his support behind the Election Commission of Pakistan, saying that it is the only competent authority to decide when the elections will be held. Sharif also mentioned his treatment and the fake cases filed against his family and other party members. Despite everything, he remains hopeful and believes that Pakistan has the capability to fix its current challenges.

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