Deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif has returned to Pakistan after spending four years in self-imposed exile for medical treatment. His legal team and party leaders were present at the airport to receive him. Upon his arrival, Nawaz will be consulted on political and legal issues. The court staff has also reached the airport to complete the security guarantee process. Before boarding his flight, Nawaz expressed happiness about his return. He will likely face legal challenges before starting his election campaign for the upcoming elections in January. Party leader Ishaq Dar said that Nawaz will address a gathering at Minar-i-Pakistan. His party has urged supporters to gather there to showcase their undiminished support for the party. Observers believe that Nawaz arrived in Islamabad instead of Lahore to make bail, which was granted by the Islamabad High Court. Nawaz expressed concern about the current situation in the country, but said that there is still hope. He emphasized the importance of fixing the country ourselves. Nawaz also reiterated his support for the Election Commission of Pakistan, stating that it is the only authority capable of deciding election dates. He lamented the treatment he and his family have received in the past, and mentioned that fake cases were filed against them. When asked about the May 9 violence allegedly carried out by the PTI, Nawaz smirked and referred to the nuclear tests conducted under his leadership on May 28, 1998.

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