FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel has proposed new rules that would allow very low power (VLP) operations in a certain frequency range. These signals won’t be able to travel very far, but devices will be allowed to use higher power levels as long as they are geofenced to avoid interfering with licensed 6GHz usage. The FCC is also seeking comments on other ways to expand the use of the 6GHz spectrum by technology devices. This decision could open up opportunities for various devices, including in-car connections and virtual or augmented reality devices.

The FCC had previously opened up a portion of the 6GHz spectrum for unlicensed use by Wi-Fi routers and client devices. This new approval expands the spectrum for broader use, providing more wireless capacity for home networks. Tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Meta had petitioned the FCC in 2019 to access the 6GHz band, which could benefit their projects, such as AR glasses.

Meta VP Kevin Martin praised the FCC’s decision, stating that it allows companies like theirs to use new wireless technologies for future computing. This collaboration between the government regulator and industry is seen as a positive step towards building for the future.

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