Sam Chapman’s 16-year-old son, Sammy, died after taking drugs he bought on Snapchat. Chapman is now suing Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., along with other parents who lost their children to tainted drugs purchased through the platform. They argue that Snapchat’s features, like disappearing messages, make it easy for drug dealers to target minors. Snapchat says it is working to prevent dealers from abusing the platform but cannot comment on ongoing litigation. Chapman attended a hearing in the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse, and a judge will decide whether the suit can proceed. If successful, the other four lawsuits will follow. The goal is to hold Snapchat accountable and encourage them to prioritize user safety over profits. Chapman believes media attention to the case is what prompted Snapchat to cooperate with law enforcement. He and his wife aim to raise awareness about the dangers of Snapchat, running a Facebook group for grieving parents and working on a documentary. Sammy was a smart and ambitious boy, and his dreams of attending university and becoming successful are now tragically unrealized. Chapman urges parents to monitor and limit their children’s social media use.

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