In a televised address, US President Joe Biden called on Congress to approve a security package for Israel and Ukraine. The package is expected to exceed $100 billion and will include funding for border security and Indo-Pacific security. Biden warned of the dangers posed by Hamas and Russia, stating that both groups want to destroy neighboring democracies. He vowed to defeat these threats and called on Iran not to enter the conflict in the Middle East. However, Biden’s message may be impeded by a leadership vacuum in Congress, as Republicans have failed to find a replacement for a critical role. In the Israel-Hamas conflict, the US, UK, and Germany have urged their citizens to leave Lebanon due to fears of a regional conflict. Israel plans to enforce a “fire zone” within the Gaza Strip once the conflict with Hamas is over. Deloitte UK plans to cut 150 jobs in its consultancy and advisory business, while the UK Labour party has won two seats previously held by the Conservatives in by-elections. OpenAI is in talks to sell shares at a valuation of $86 billion. The yield on 10-year US Treasury notes has reached its highest level since before the global financial crisis, causing losses for investors in fixed-income assets. Canada has withdrawn a significant number of its diplomats from India due to a dispute over the murder of a Canadian citizen. The UK has pledged to plant new woodland across a vast area to combat climate change and reverse declining wildlife populations. In sports, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, one of Britain’s richest men, has the potential to transform Manchester United if he acquires a stake. In libraries, fines for returning books late are becoming less popular. Liberia’s presidential race will go to a run-off, and Apple is prioritizing cinemas over streaming for the release of Martin Scorsese’s film.

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