Kyodo News has shared a selection of photos taken in Japan and other places this week. On October 14, there was a joint exercise between the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Marine Corps. Visitors also attended a footwear exhibition in Pyongyang, and cosmos flowers were in full bloom in Chiba. On October 15, traditional cormorant fishing took place on the Nagara River, and on October 16, a traditional boating race was held on the Kumano River. On October 17, Japanese Princess Kako attended the closing ceremony of the National Sports Festival, and an electronics show opened in Chiba. On October 18, imported Beaujolais Nouveau wine arrived in Tokyo, and a unique watermelon was displayed in Osaka. On October 19, candidate registration began for the Indonesian presidential election, and Sakurajima volcano erupted in Kagoshima. On October 20, Princess Aiko visited Empress Michiko to celebrate her birthday, and a cap cloud formed over Mt. Fuji. These photos provide a glimpse into the events happening in Japan and beyond this week.

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