Physicists at the University of Cambridge have used simulations of time travel to solve experimental problems that seem impossible to solve using standard physics. They manipulated entanglement, a feature of quantum theory, to simulate what would happen if one could travel backwards in time. By connecting their theory to quantum metrology, they showed that entanglement can solve seemingly unsolvable problems. The simulation is based on quantum entanglement, which is a strong correlation between quantum particles that classical particles cannot have. The researchers proposed a scenario where an experimentalist entangles two particles, sends one for an experiment, and manipulates the second particle based on new information to change the first particle’s past state. The simulation has a 75% chance of failure, but the researchers propose sending a large number of entangled photons to increase the chances of success. They would use a filter to ensure that only the correct photons pass to the camera. This research is not about building a time travel machine, but rather exploring the fundamentals of quantum mechanics to fix problems from the past and create a better tomorrow. The work was supported by various foundations and research councils.

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