Haylee O’Connell reported her brother Corey missing in late June of 2021. The police search did not find him, so Haylee launched her own search operations. She used a drone to take aerial images of the area and asked people to help search through them. After months of searching, the drone images helped locate Corey’s car in bushland, and eventually, his remains were found. The search was physically taxing and involved many community members. The drone operator took over 45,000 images of the search area, which were uploaded to a website for people to view. One person spotted some bones in the images and alerted Haylee, who passed the information to the police. The bones turned out to be Corey’s remains. Haylee was grateful that the discovery was made through the images, as it may have been less traumatic than finding the remains in person. The drone operator believes drones can play a bigger role in search operations in the future. Haylee believes drones can be helpful in other missing persons cases as well.

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