Scientists Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus, and Alexei Ekimov have won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery and synthesis of quantum dots. Quantum dots are very small particles that have unique properties due to quantum phenomena. They are used in various technologies, including computer monitors, television screens, and medical devices for mapping tumors. Researchers believe that quantum dots can have future applications in flexible electronics, tiny sensors, thinner solar cells, and encrypted quantum communication. Additionally, nanoparticles and quantum dots are used in LED lights and can assist surgeons in removing cancer tissue. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and it is worth 11 million Swedish crowns ($997,959). The names of the three Nobel laureates were inadvertently published earlier by the academy. Moungi Bawendi is a professor at MIT, Louis Brus is a professor emeritus at Columbia University, and Alexei Ekimov works for Nanocrystals Technology Inc. The chemistry Nobel Prize is the third of the year, following the prizes for medicine and physics. The Nobel Prizes were established in 1901 and have been awarded for achievements in science, literature, and peace. The chemistry prize has recognized notable scientists such as Marie Curie and Ernest Rutherford. Last year’s chemistry award went to scientists Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal, and Barry Sharpless for their work in “click chemistry.”

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