SoftBank Group’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, has urged Japanese companies to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) in order to stay competitive. He expressed concern about Japanese firms banning the use of ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI, due to fears of data leaks and other risks. Son believes that Japanese companies must either utilize AI or risk being left behind. SoftBank, which manages global investment funds, is preparing to invest heavily in AI-related companies after two years of significant losses. With the recent Nasdaq listing of its subsidiary Arm Holdings Plc, the company’s investment capacity has increased. Son expects the subsidiary to play a leading role in the advancement of AI, given the increasing demand for its power-saving chips. He predicts that artificial general intelligence (AGI), which can perform a wide range of tasks better than humans, will arrive in about 10 years. Son emphasized that AGI will have a profound impact on industries, education, society, and human relationships. He compared the current situation with AI to the emergence of the internet, where Japanese companies that underestimated the technology lost their global presence to fast-growing U.S. tech companies like Google and Amazon. Son believes that AI should be seen as a friend and partner, not an enemy, and questions the need to ban its use.

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