A video of NRL player Nathan Cleary supporting the Yes campaign for the Voice to Parliament has gone viral on TikTok. Both the Yes and No campaigns are using TikTok to reach voters, but it’s difficult to determine which side is winning. The No campaign has more followers and videos, but the Yes campaign is generating more positive engagement. However, the number of views, shares, and likes on TikTok does not necessarily reflect how people will vote in the referendum. TikTok is a powerful platform for political campaigns because of its young user demographic. However, it is challenging to appeal to new voters on TikTok as each user’s feed is curated by an algorithm. There are no laws against lying or spreading deceptive information in federal political campaigns in Australia. It is legal to make false claims as long as it doesn’t involve defamation or misleading information on how to fill in a ballot paper. Politics on TikTok is like the “Wild West” with unpaid content, making it difficult to regulate or police. Stay informed on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum through the SBS Network and access articles, videos, and podcasts in over 60 languages.

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