Andy Yen, the founder and CEO of tech company Proton, recently shared why he occasionally answers customer calls. Proton is a popular tech company that focuses on providing secure and private online services to its users. Despite being the CEO, Yen believes it is essential to stay connected with customers and understand their needs. By responding personally to their calls, he gains crucial insights into their experiences and concerns. It allows him to identify any issues that need immediate attention and provide a better experience for Proton’s users. Yen also emphasizes the importance of transparency in offering secure services, particularly in today’s data-driven world. Proton aims to build trust by communicating openly with customers and resolving any issues they face. While it may be unusual for a CEO to take customer calls, Yen believes that it sets Proton apart from other companies. He believes that being accessible and responsive to customers helps create a better tech service that prioritizes user satisfaction and fosters trust.

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