Laphonza Butler has been appointed as a new adviser to California Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom praised Butler for her ability to drive positive change from the outside. Butler, a co-founder of a winery, has prioritized corporate interests in the past, which has sometimes frustrated labor unions. However, she has also shown the ability to make deals that align with Newsom’s approach. She has experience as a labor negotiator and has worked on both sides of labor-related issues. Butler’s appointment comes at a contentious time in Newsom’s relationship with labor, as he has faced criticism for vetoing labor priorities. Despite her corporate ties, Butler’s appointment has been well-received by unions, who appreciate her working-class background and advocacy for labor and public schools. Butler, who will become the first openly LGBTQ Black woman in the Senate, comes from a working-class background and has experience in labor organizing. She has also faced criticism for her previous work with Uber and Airbnb, advising them on labor-related matters. However, labor unions have not criticized Butler in the same way they have criticized Newsom.

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