Actor Tom Hanks and CBS talk show co-host Gayle King took to social media to warn their fans about fake ads created by artificial intelligence (AI). Hanks shared on Instagram a photo of an unauthorized digital version of himself and cautioned his followers to be cautious. Similarly, King posted a video clip falsely promoting a weight loss product and emphasized that she had no affiliation with the company. The issue of safeguarding against the use of AI to replicate screen talent was a significant concern during a recent writers strike in Hollywood. The strike by Hollywood actors is still ongoing. Generative AI programs, such as ChatGPT, have gained attention for their ability to generate essays, poems, and conversations. However, these advancements have raised concerns about the creation of “deep fake” pictures and videos that deceive people into thinking they are real. Companies like Google, Meta, and Microsoft are racing to harness the potential of generative AI while addressing the risks associated with misinformation and cybercrime.

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