PML-N Punjab president Rana Sanaullah announced that Nawaz Sharif, the party’s leader who has been living in exile since 2019, will return to Pakistan on October 21 with protective bail. After a welcome reception in Lahore, Nawaz will surrender himself to the court. In the past four years, Nawaz was declared a proclaimed offender in corruption cases due to his absence from court proceedings. The PML-N denies striking a deal with the military establishment and asserts their faith in the legal process. Sanaullah believes that Nawaz is innocent and expects relief in his case. Nawaz’s return is eagerly awaited, and he will address the public in Lahore while the media covers it. Sanaullah praised Nawaz’s leadership during the pre-2013 election period, where the country faced terrorism, citing his role in resolving the crisis. Nawaz aims to inspire and improve the lives of the common people. Sanaullah criticized the current government, claiming that without their leadership, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor would be completed and Pakistan would be part of G20. He identifies the politics of vendetta as the reason for the country’s problems and emphasizes the importance of Nawaz’s return in bringing hope to the nation. The responsibility of organizing Nawaz’s return lies with the PML-N’s Lahore division workers, as Lahore is hosting their leader.

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