Installer No. 8 is a weekly guide to the best and most interesting things in the world. In this edition, the author talks about their experience playing EA Sports FC 24, reading about Apple’s plans for sports TV, Survivor casting process, and Sam Altman’s plan to save or end the world. They also mention various entertainment recommendations, such as a new VR headset, a browser called Vivaldi, and a true crime series. The author introduces a new segment called “Spotlight,” where they share something cool that might be new to most people. The first spotlight is on the Kagi search engine, which offers customization options, an ad-free experience for a fee, and good results for videos and podcasts. The author also mentions that Kagi’s AI feature is helpful but not intrusive, and the mobile browser is fast and easy to use. They express their positive experience with Kagi so far but acknowledge that Google still has better results in some cases, yet they have found themselves using Kagi more often.

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