In a recent biography about Elon Musk, there was a claim that he shut down SpaceX’s satellite network, Starlink, to prevent a “Ukrainian sneak attack” on the Russian navy. However, this claim was not supported by credible sources or news articles. Elon Musk himself denied the claim on Twitter, stating that SpaceX did not deactivate anything and that enabling coverage would have caused a major act of war. The author of the biography, Walter Isaacson, later clarified that he had misunderstood Musk’s policy regarding the use of Starlink and that Musk had simply reaffirmed the existing policy on that night.

The biography raises concerns about the reliability of both Musk and Isaacson as narrators. Isaacson has a history of writing biographies about important figures and tends to present them as geniuses without thoroughly fact-checking their stories. In the case of Musk, there are claims made in the book that are not backed up by interviews or news articles. It seems that Isaacson prefers to keep Musk’s myth intact rather than investigate the truth.

Overall, the biography raises questions about the credibility of its claims and highlights the need for thorough research and multiple sources when writing biographies. It is important to critically evaluate the narratives presented by both the subject of the biography and the author.

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