Lee Myung-shik, a 62-year-old man who is paralyzed from the chest down and experiences debilitating pain in his legs, is unable to travel to Switzerland for assisted suicide due to the long flight. He spoke at a press conference from his home, expressing his desire for a dignified death and the respect of human dignity. Lee plans to file an application with the Constitutional Court of Korea, aiming to prove the unconstitutionality of the current lack of laws regarding end-of-life options. He argues that the current laws leave individuals like him with no choice but suicide, which is not dignified. The proposed bill to legalize assisted suicide remains dormant at the National Assembly. The only available means of death with dignity in Korea is to refuse life-sustaining treatment. However, doctors are hesitant to support medically assisted suicide due to potential criminal liability. This discourages patients and limits their ability to make their own end-of-life choices. Advocates for end-of-life options argue that punishing assisted suicide deprives patients of the right to determine their own fate.

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