The Supreme Court will be hearing several important cases in the coming months that will test their commitment to the Second Amendment, reexamine regulatory agencies, and address issues such as abortion and racial diversity in education. The court recently added 12 new cases to their docket, including challenges to laws regulating social media moderation. There are also controversies surrounding unreported gifts to justices and calls for an enforceable ethics code. One significant case already on the docket will determine whether those accused of domestic violence have a constitutional right to carry guns. Another case challenges the Chevron deference, a legal doctrine that gives government agencies broad interpretive power over statutes. If overturned, numerous federal regulations could be in jeopardy. The court will also hear a challenge to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its funding stream. If the decision goes against the CFPB, other agencies could face financial restructuring. Additionally, the court may revisit affirmative action in college admissions and the use of race-neutral factors in achieving diversity. They will also address the issue of censorship on social media platforms, as well as the question of whether public officials can block critical citizens on social media. Finally, the fallout from the January 6th attack on the Capitol and its implications may also come before the court.

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