Taicang, a city in China, has become a popular place for German businesses to invest in. These businesses are often family-owned and highly specialized. However, business ties between Germany and China have become strained, with Germany warning of the need to reduce exposure to risk. Despite this, over 400 German companies are still based in Taicang, showing that the interdependence between China and Germany remains strong. However, some companies are hesitant to invest further due to the uncertain political climate. Taicang has been attractive to German companies because of its smaller size and the ease of doing business there. However, businesses in the city have suffered this year due to the impact of the pandemic. German companies in Taicang are also facing increased competition from local Chinese companies. Despite these challenges, Taicang’s authorities are still trying to attract more foreign investment, and there are efforts to improve the business relationship between Germany and China. However, it is clear that political differences between China and the West will continue, and businesses will need to find ways to work together despite these differences.

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