Sheikh Rashid, the chief of Awami Muslim League, has been missing for almost 15 days after being arrested from his residence. While his lawyer claims that he is in the custody of the Rawalpindi police, the police have denied this. The Lahore High Court has ordered the police to find Rashid’s whereabouts and make efforts for his recovery. This is not the first time Rashid has faced legal troubles. In January, his residence was sealed by the Evacuee Trust Property Board over ownership document issues. In February, he was arrested by the Islamabad police in connection with his remarks against former president Asif Ali Zardari. The Islamabad High Court later stayed the registration of FIRs against him. In May, the government cancelled Rashid’s diplomatic passport. Despite facing crackdowns and raids, Rashid has vowed to continue supporting PTI Chairman Imran Khan. In September, he was again arrested by the Punjab police and his whereabouts remain unknown. His nephews have requested the court to produce him. The police deny having him in custody, and the court has ordered them to locate him.

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