The Turkish government has reported that two terrorists carried out a bomb attack in front of the Interior Ministry buildings in Ankara. One of the terrorists died in the explosion, and the other was “neutralised” by the authorities. This blast, which occurred near the parliament and ministerial buildings, is the first in Ankara since 2016 and happened on the day that parliament was planned to open a new session. The interior minister, Ali Yerlikaya, stated that two police officers were slightly injured in the incident. He revealed that two terrorists drove a light commercial vehicle and carried out the bomb attack. One of them blew himself up, and the other was “neutralised,” meaning they were likely killed. The chief prosecutor in Ankara has initiated an investigation into the attack. It has not been specified which militant group was responsible. The blast happens almost a year after a similar explosion in Istanbul, where six people were killed and 81 were wounded. In the past, Kurdish militants, ISIS, and other groups have been either claimed or blamed for attacks in major Turkish cities. Turkish media reported that authorities were conducting checks at the parliament after the blast at the ministry. Furthermore, former Pakistani prime minister Shehbaz Sharif condemned the attack and conveyed solidarity with the people and government of Turkey.

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