The Afghan embassy in India has suspended its operations after more than two years since the Taliban came to power in Kabul. Although many countries, including India, do not formally recognize the Taliban government, they accept the Taliban as the de facto ruling authority. This has led to a situation where Afghan embassies and consulates are in a state of uncertainty, as diplomats appointed by the previous government refuse to hand over control of embassy buildings to representatives chosen by the Taliban. The embassy in New Delhi stated that it is ceasing its operations with deep sadness and regret, and India will temporarily take control of the embassy. The closure is a result of challenges such as staff cuts, limited resources, and insufficient support for visa renewals. Reports suggest that the ambassador and other senior diplomats have left India in recent months, leading to infighting among the remaining staff. However, the embassy denies claims of internal strife or diplomats seeking asylum. New Delhi had evacuated its mission from Kabul as the Taliban took control in 2021 but later sent a small team to reopen the embassy. The change of power in Kabul has left tens of thousands of Afghan students, business people, and medical tourists stranded across the world. While some individuals have returned to Afghanistan, most have chosen not to, fearing persecution under the Taliban. The Taliban authorities currently have control of several embassies, while others operate with limited staff for consular work.

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