The PML-N party has announced that Nawaz Sharif, their supreme leader, is ready to face any circumstances upon his return from London on October 21. They have also declared a new narrative, stating that they will prioritize reviving the economy, national reconciliation, and eliminating terrorism. The party leaders, Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, mentioned that they will not accept any excuses if they fail to put up a good show upon Nawaz’s return. They have also discussed achieving a certain target of people gathering at Minar-i-Pakistan on October 21. Party members have expressed confidence in Nawaz’s smooth return and hope that he will secure relief from a court before his scheduled arrival. Nawaz was previously serving a jail term but was granted bail on medical grounds and went to London for treatment. The PML-N’s new narrative focuses on the economy rather than seeking revenge. Former finance minister Ishaq Dar stated that Nawaz will leave settling scores to Allah and will focus on putting the country on a path of progress and prosperity. The party is cautious not to antagonize the establishment and aims to avoid misjudgment. They feel that they cannot afford to alienate the establishment, as the party’s popularity has declined in recent months.

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