The author discusses their frustration with deleting unnecessary emails every morning and expresses a desire for an AI assistant to filter through and delete unimportant emails. They mention Google’s focus on AI and how the company has introduced various AI tools in their products. The author finds these tools hit or miss in terms of usefulness. They also talk about Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, and how it has become more useful with recent updates, being able to access Gmail and Google Docs. The author anticipates Google’s fall hardware event and expresses interest in seeing how Google integrates their AI ideas into their devices, particularly the Pixel. They mention their desire for an AI assistant to help with tasks on their phone, such as organizing important emails and making suggestions based on calendar and weather information. The author acknowledges that these features may still be a while off due to processing power limitations and mentions Google’s efforts to improve on-device processing with their Tensor chips. They conclude by stating that a fully capable AI assistant like Bard on a phone is still in development, but the Pixel 8 may give us a glimpse of what AI can offer.

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