The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has stopped 16 people pretending to be Umrah pilgrims from boarding a flight to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Multan airport. The group included a child, 11 women, and four men, who initially had Umrah visas. During the immigration process, FIA officials questioned the passengers and they admitted that their real purpose for traveling was to beg for money in Saudi Arabia. They also revealed that they would have to give half of their earnings to the agents who arranged their travel. The FIA has arrested the passengers for further questioning and legal action. This incident came just after the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development revealed that a large number of beggars are trafficked illegally abroad. The ministry’s secretary informed the Senate Committee on Overseas Pakistanis that a shocking 90 percent of beggars apprehended in foreign countries are from Pakistan. The ambassadors from both Iraq and Saudi Arabia have reported overcrowding in their jails due to these arrests.

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