Companies working with generative artificial intelligence (AI) in Canada are being offered a voluntary code of conduct to ensure transparency and ethical use of AI systems. The code requires companies to be clear about how they collect and use information, address potential bias, and allow human monitoring of AI systems. The code also encourages developers to create AI systems that can detect content generated by the system. While there has been support from the business community, concerns have been raised that the code could hinder innovation and competitiveness with companies based outside of Canada. The code is part of a growing ecosystem of AI regulation and legal measures in Canada. Despite being voluntary, it is seen as a step toward more enforceable regulations. Canada’s actions are consistent with those of the European Union and the United States. However, some companies, like Shopify, have expressed reservations about the code, arguing that it could stifle industry growth. Other companies are waiting to see how the industry evolves with the code in place before deciding whether to sign on.

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