The international community strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Mastung and Hangu and supports Pakistan. The State Department Spokesperson, Matthew Miller, expressed Washington’s condemnation of the suicide attacks in the two provinces on social media. The US Embassy in Islamabad also condemned the attacks and expressed support for the Pakistani people to practice their faith without fear. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs also condemned the attacks and offered condolences and sympathy to Pakistan and the victims’ families. They called for the rejection of violence and terrorism. Algeria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq also condemned the attacks.

On Friday, a massive suicide attack in Mastung in Balochistan resulted in the death of at least 53 people, including a police officer, and injured several others. The explosion occurred near an Eid Milad-un-Nabi procession. In Hangu, two more blasts took place inside a mosque during Friday prayers, killing at least five people and injuring many. The mosque, with a capacity of 70 to 80 people, suffered damage and collapsed partially. The second blast occurred during the sermon and caused damage to the mosque and roofs. Many people got trapped under the rubble.

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