A regional security meeting on Afghanistan, hosted by Russia and attended by countries including China and India, has called on the interim Afghan government to take action against terrorist groups in the country. The meeting highlighted concerns over the security situation in Afghanistan, particularly the activities of ISIS. The countries urged the Afghan authorities to dismantle and prevent the presence of all terrorist groups in the country and to prevent Afghanistan from being a hotspot for terrorism and instability that spreads to the region. They also emphasized the need to combat drug trafficking originating from Afghanistan. The meeting expressed opposition to external support for terrorism in Afghanistan. The participants noted that there has been no progress in forming an inclusive government in Afghanistan that represents the interests of all ethno-political groups. They called on the Afghan authorities to engage in a dialogue with alternative ethno-political groups to achieve a balanced and accountable government. The meeting also urged the Afghan authorities to improve the welfare of the Afghan people, prevent further migration, and facilitate the return of refugees. They emphasized the importance of promoting fundamental rights and freedoms, including equal access to employment, education, and justice. The meeting advocated for Afghanistan as an independent, united, and peaceful state, expressing opposition to the deployment of military infrastructure facilities of third countries in Afghanistan and neighboring states. The countries highlighted the need to strengthen economic ties and acknowledged Iran’s proposal for regional cooperation on Afghanistan through a contact group. The meeting also emphasized the importance of continuing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan without politicization.

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