As the holiday season approaches, there are new and returning movies and TV series to look out for. The Hollywood writers’ strike caused a temporary pause in production, but there are still plenty of options to choose from.

In October, Netflix will release a documentary series called “Beckham” about the rise of British soccer star David Beckham. The series includes never-before-seen footage of Beckham’s journey from humble beginnings to global fame. It will be available to watch on October 4.

Additionally, a sequel to the cult horror film “The Exorcist” will debut in theaters across Pakistan on October 6. The movie follows the story of Angela and her friend Katherine, who show signs of demonic possession. A single father named Victor Fielding is forced to confront the evil that has taken hold of them.

On October 5, Netflix will release a spy thriller called “Khufiya” starring Bollywood actor Tabu. The story revolves around a mole in an intelligence unit and the murder of an undercover spy. A hardened agent seeks revenge for the death.

The highly anticipated French heist drama series “Lupin” will also make its return on October 5. It picks up where it left off, with the main character Assane being framed for murder and going into hiding. He returns to Paris with an offer for his ex-wife and son: leave the country and start a new life.

On October 6, Netflix will premiere a psycho-sexual financial thriller called “Fair Play” starring Phoebe Dynevor. The story follows Emily, a financial analyst who is engaged to a fellow hedge fund colleague. Their relationship is tested when Emily is offered a promotion that he is not.

The beloved sitcom “Frasier” will make a comeback with a new 10-episode series on October 12. The show follows the gaffe-prone psychiatrist Dr. Crane as he surprises his son in Boston.

Lastly, the period drama “The Gilded Age” will return for a second season on October 29. The show focuses on the social conflicts of 1882 New York and features a cast of well-known actors.

These are just some of the exciting releases to look forward to this holiday season.

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