The Asian Games are currently taking place, featuring intense rivalries between countries. In football, North and South Korea are competing, while India and Pakistan are facing off in hockey. The athletics track is hosting the men’s and women’s 100m sprint races. China, the host country, is dominating with 107 gold medals. Zhang Zhizhen won the men’s tennis title, making him the first Chinese champion since 1994. Taiwan’s Chan Hao-ching and Chang Yung-jan won the women’s doubles gold. Later in the day, North and South Korea will compete in the women’s football quarter-finals, and arch-rivals Pakistan and India will face each other in men’s hockey. There will also be gold medals awarded in weightlifting, diving, shooting, table tennis, and eSports. The weather, including drizzle, may affect outdoor sports. In addition, there will be other track and field events, including the pole vault competition where EJ Obiena from the Philippines is the favorite.

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