Future Motion is recalling all of its Onewheel electric skateboards, including 300,000 in the US, because of safety concerns. The recall comes after four deaths, three of which occurred when riders were not wearing helmets, between 2019 and 2021. Future Motion initially chose not to recall the skateboards but has now decided to take action. Owners are being asked to stop using their Onewheels until they can be updated with a new warning system through a software update. However, early adopters are being advised to stop using and discard their original Onewheel models. The company has not disclosed how many of the original units are affected or why it resisted issuing a recall earlier. The firmware update will include a new “Haptic Buzz” feedback that riders can feel and hear when the skateboard encounters an error or needs to slow down. Future Motion has worked with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for over a year to develop this safety feature. Owners can receive a credit of $100 towards a new board after disposing of the old model. Future Motion has also released a video explaining the update and best practices for riding the Onewheel.

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