A town hall meeting is being held in Saint John, N.B., to discuss concerns about the American Iron and Metal facility and the recent fire that occurred in the region. The residents living in the uptown area and on the west side have been dealing with issues related to the recycling facility for over a decade, including explosions, fires, and deaths. The last fire has raised serious concerns about the risks associated with the facility. The fire at the Port of Saint John burned a large pile of scrap metal and produced toxic smoke that lasted for two days. Firefighters battled the fire for over 40 hours, using millions of gallons of water. The long-term impacts of the fire on the environment and residents are still unknown. The province has issued a stop work order to American Iron and Metal and has commissioned a task force to investigate the cause of the fire. Many residents are calling for the facility to be shut down. The town hall meeting will provide an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to voice their concerns. Counselor David Hickey, who opposes the facility, has raised questions about the health impacts, food safety, and the future of American Iron and Metal. The meeting will take place at King’s Square at 6 p.m. American Iron and Metal has been invited to attend.

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