The use of self-driving taxis is slowly becoming more common in California. However, there are polarized opinions about these robotaxis, with some people supporting them and others being completely against them. There have been controversial incidents involving autonomous vehicles, such as causing gridlock during a music festival and delaying an ambulance carrying a critically injured patient. These incidents raise questions about the safety of autonomous vehicles and what regulations and city planning would be necessary before they can become a normal part of city roads. Self-driving cars use advanced technology to function, but they still face challenges when encountering unexpected situations. For example, they may not know how to respond to unusual objects or modifications made to vehicles by people. Despite these challenges, companies like Cruise are committed to improving the technology and making roads safer. Some experts believe that autonomous vehicles could lead to better urban design, with more space for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit. They could also reduce the need for parking and create opportunities for additional green spaces in cities. Ultimately, the success of robotaxis and other autonomous vehicles will depend on public familiarity and trust, as well as their ability to prove that they are safer than human-driven cars.

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