The Supreme Court of Pakistan is currently hearing review petitions challenging its previous verdict on the 2017 TLP sit-in protest in Islamabad. The verdict had instructed the defense ministry and tri-services chiefs to penalize personnel found to have violated their oath and urged the government to monitor and prosecute those advocating hate, extremism, and terrorism. The review petitions were filed by various government departments and political parties. However, the Intelligence Bureau and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) recently withdrew their review petitions, stating they no longer wished to pursue the matter. During the hearing, the federal government’s counsel also expressed the government’s desire to withdraw its review petition, but the Chief Justice of Pakistan inquired about the reasons for the withdrawal. The court decided to keep the withdrawal pleas pending and directed the parties to submit written statements if they wanted to make any further arguments. The review petitions had requested the court to set aside adverse observations made against certain institutions, including the IB and the armed forces. The defense ministry’s petition emphasized the potential negative impact of such observations on the morale of the armed forces. Overall, the court is currently evaluating the review petitions and considering the reasons for withdrawal.

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