North Korea has strengthened its nuclear force policy, according to leader Kim Jong-un. This decision was made at a parliamentary meeting and is seen as a response to the trilateral security cooperation between South Korea, the United States, and Japan, which Kim considers to be a major threat. The North unanimously decided to supplement its constitution to ensure its right to existence and development, deter war, and protect regional and global peace by rapidly developing nuclear weapons. Kim stated that this decision is a historic event that strengthens national defense capabilities. He also criticized the establishment of what he called the “triangular military alliance” between the US, South Korea, and Japan, describing it as the root cause of war and aggression. Kim emphasized the need to exponentially bolster the country’s nuclear arsenal and diversify its nuclear strike capability. Additionally, he vowed to strengthen solidarity with countries standing against the US. North Korea has been seeking closer ties with China and Russia, as displayed by a military parade attended by officials from these nations. The parliamentary meeting also saw the renaming of the National Aerospace Development Administration to the National Aerospace Technology General Bureau. Despite speculation, Premier Kim Tok-hun was not dismissed and continues to hold his position.

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