India coach Rahul Dravid has stated that excessive moisture on the field during the Cricket World Cup will add interest to the competition. The tournament begins next Thursday with most matches being day-night contests. In India, these matches usually result in high moisture on the field after sunset, making the ball difficult to grip. Dravid mentioned that the presence of dew cannot be predicted accurately, as it can vary from venue to venue and day to day. Dew mainly affects bowlers and fielders during day-night matches, often leading captains to choose to bowl first after winning the toss. However, the impact of dew is unpredictable. Dravid recalled playing on fields that were soaked the day before but completely dry during the match. He believes that the uncertainty of dew will make the tournament more interesting. India, the top-ranked team, will begin their World Cup campaign against Australia, followed by a highly anticipated match against Pakistan. They will also have two warm-up matches, starting with England on September 30.

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