Smart lighting brand Philips Hue is now requiring users to sign up for a Hue account in order to use its app. Previously, the account was optional, but now users must create an account by next year to continue using the Philips Hue app. The change has upset some users who saw the ability to use Hue lighting without an account as a major part of its appeal. The company states that the change is primarily for security reasons, as the current system allows anyone with physical access to the Hue bridge to take control of it. With a Hue account, users will have more control over who can access and manage their Hue system. The account system will also allow users to use multiple Hue bridges in the same home more easily. Signing up for an account will not affect the way the system works, and users will still have full local control. However, signing up for an account will give Philips Hue access to the configuration of the user’s system for software updates, and users may choose to share data for marketing purposes or with third parties.

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