Pakistan has received its first shipment of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) from Russia, with help from Iran. This is the second major Russian energy purchase for Pakistan, following their first delivery of Russian crude earlier this year. In January, a Russian delegation visited Islamabad to finalize the deal, addressing technical issues such as insurance, transportation, and payment mechanisms. The two countries aim to create a mutually beneficial oil and gas trade transaction. The Russian embassy announced on social media that they delivered 100,000 metric tons of LPG to Pakistan through Iran’s Sarakhs Special Economic Zone. Consultations for a second shipment are currently underway. The embassy did not provide details on Iran’s involvement or the cost of the LPG. Previously, Pakistan paid for the Russian crude in Chinese currency, but the value of the deal was not disclosed. These discounted imports from Russia provide relief for Pakistan’s economic crisis and balance of payments problem, as energy imports make up a significant portion of their external payments.

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