The Special Judge Central, also known as FIA’s special court, has issued arrest warrants for PTI leader Azam Khan Swati. This is because of his controversial posts on a social media platform, X, about senior military officers, including the former army chief, in October of last year. Swati was arrested twice in 2022 for posts that were allegedly against state institutions. He was released from jail in January this year after securing post-arrest bail. Swati had denied making the offending posts in his petition for bail. He has missed previous hearings of this case and was declared a proclaimed offender in June. The court has now issued a perpetual arrest warrant for him due to his repeated failure to attend hearings. The FIA has been ordered to arrest him on sight and bring him before the court. It should be noted that Swati was also involved in the May 9 violence during a crackdown against the party and was declared a proclaimed offender. This arrest warrant is a result of Swati’s posts on social media about the armed forces, for which he was previously arrested and released on bail. Following his arrest, the Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority prohibited Swati’s media coverage on satellite TV channels.

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