Eight Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) social media activists, including Sanam Javed, have been sent to jail for six days by an anti-terrorism court. The court granted the investigating officer’s request for their identification parade in an arson attack case. The suspects are accused of attacking the police and setting fire to a police vehicle on May 9. They were rearrested shortly after being released from jail on court order in connection with another attack case. The judge approved the six-day judicial remand and sent them to jail. Previously, nine PTI members, including women activists, were released on bail in the Jinnah House attack case. However, Sanam Javed, Shahbano Gurchani, Afshan Tariq, and Ashma Shuja were re-arrested in connection with the May 9 violent attacks. PTI has criticized these repeated arrests and demanded contempt proceedings against the officials involved. They argue that it is a violation of the justice system and subjects their citizens to political retribution. PTI has also nominated official spokespersons to provide the party’s official version on legal and political issues.

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