Canada’s Industry Minister, François-Philippe Champagne, will announce new measures to support Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence (AI). The announcement follows concerns raised by actors in Toronto about the protection of artists’ voices and images in relation to AI. Champagne emphasized the need to understand the impact of AI and announced that the government will propose updates to privacy laws. Canada is already at the forefront of developing rules and frameworks for AI, and Champagne believes a framework is necessary to ensure responsible AI. The government has already introduced the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act as part of Bill C-27, which includes amendments to update privacy laws. Among the proposed amendments is the definition of “high-impact AI systems” and the introduction of specific obligations for general-purpose AI systems. The role of the AI and Data Commissioner will also be strengthened, allowing them to cooperate with other regulators. Furthermore, the government will increase protection for children’s online information and provide the Privacy Commissioner with more flexibility to address privacy law violations. The exact details of these measures will be announced at the All In conference in Montreal.

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