The International Energy Agency (IEA) has updated its roadmap for combatting climate change. The updated roadmap emphasizes the need to switch to renewable energy quickly and minimize the use of unproven technologies such as carbon capture and hydrogen fuels. These emerging technologies were previously expected to play a larger role in reducing emissions but have not lived up to the hype. The report states that hydrogen production is currently more of a climate problem than a solution. The infrastructure required for transporting hydrogen is proving to be a significant barrier. On the other hand, electric charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. The roadmap also reduces the projected role of carbon capture technologies, which have been largely unsuccessful. The report emphasizes the need to focus on stopping the release of carbon in the first place and states that removing carbon from the atmosphere is costly and risky. The roadmap calls for a tripling of global renewable power capacity by 2030, a doubling of energy efficiency, and reaching net-zero emissions earlier than the global target for the wealthiest countries. The updated roadmap comes after a UN report card showed that countries are falling behind in tackling climate change.

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