The PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) party has expressed anger over comments made by interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti regarding the potential arrest of PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif upon his return to Pakistan. This comes as Sharif prepares to return to the country on October 21 after leaving in 2019 for medical treatment and facing corruption charges. Bugti stated in an interview that if Sharif fails to obtain bail from the courts, he would be arrested upon arrival. The PML-N has criticized Bugti’s remarks, with party members stating that it is not within his jurisdiction to decide where Sharif goes after landing and reaffirming that Sharif will follow the law. In response to the backlash, Bugti clarified that his comments were taken out of context and that the caretaker government does not have a political agenda. He stated that Sharif will be treated according to the law, and the caretaker government will fulfill its mandate.

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