In a recent survey conducted by SBS Arabic TV, people from diverse backgrounds in western Sydney were asked about their views on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The responses were mixed, with some voting yes, some voting no, and many being unsure or undecided. There was confusion among some participants, with some thinking that the Voice referred to a television or music show. It is important to engage culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in the upcoming referendum, as almost half of Australians have a parent who was born overseas. Both the Yes and No campaigns are targeting migrant voters, with over 180 migrant and cultural organizations supporting the Yes campaign. However, there is still a lack of understanding and education about the Voice among CALD communities. The message needs to be simpler and clearer, and efforts should be made to provide information in different languages. It is crucial to engage migrant communities and make them aware of the issues concerning Indigenous Australians. The referendum is a simple question, but the arguments surrounding it are complex and may be difficult to translate into different languages. Efforts should be made to provide information through various channels such as TV, radio, and translated materials. In the end, it comes down to trust and protecting one’s family’s interests for many in CALD communities.

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