The poor performance of American students in math is becoming a threat to the nation’s global economic competitiveness and national security. Reports from organizations like the Aspen Institute and the Department of Defense have raised alarms about America’s declining math skills. Other countries, particularly China, are surpassing the United States in terms of math education and producing more graduates in STEM fields. The lack of math skills is hindering America’s ability to compete and innovate in technology and other industries. There is a strong need for individuals with strong math skills to fill the increasing number of jobs in math-related fields. However, math scores among American students have been declining, even before the pandemic. The pandemic has further exacerbated the problem, with math performance among students falling below pre-pandemic growth rates. International assessments also show that U.S. students lag behind their counterparts in other countries. This shortage of math skills has led to a dependence on foreign-born workers in fields like artificial intelligence, further impacting the country’s economic growth and competitiveness. The importance of math skills is not only limited to job prospects but also affects individuals’ overall success in life. To address this issue, there is a need for a renewed focus on math education in the United States.

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